Castelli Perla Women's Short

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The Castelli Perla Women’s Short is designed to fit a cycling woman’s body. The new Softlex RS fabric wicks away moisture, helping to keep your skin dry and comfortable. It also covers your skin comfortably and doesn’t bunch up while supporting your working muscles. This helps you recover after each pedal stroke, making those long rides seem shorter. The KISS3 Donna women’s-specific chamois seat pad is designed so the foam is placed in the right places for a woman’s body. These shorts also stay in place, at both the waist and the legs, because the Soft Touch waist and leg grippers keep them from creeping up as you accelerate in and out of the saddle.

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soft and comfortable
I love these Castelli shorts.  I picked them out because I like Castelli and the price was right.  But then when I rode in them, they felt like the most comfortable cycling shorts I've ever ridden in.

Soft is the first word I can use to describe the shorts.  The material is soft and light. It was made with something called the Softlex fabric. These shorts are so soft, I feel like I could sleep in them.

The leg and waist bands are seamless. All my other shorts have what feels like elastic pinching my skin. I guess they use this material to keep the shorts in place, but what Castelli uses keeps the shorts in place and they are very soft against my skin. Under these shorts my skin doesn't bulge out like it does under my other shorts. The Perla shorts sit softly over my skin.

The chamois is very thin and very light. It seems to conform to my woman's shape. So many of my past shorts have chamois that were way too bulky and made for a man's body.  From now on, I will only buy shorts that are specifically made for a woman's body. Finally these companies are understanding that a woman's body is different from a man's body and making clothing to fit us!

Finally, I chose the violet color and matched it with the Lilac colored Castelli Perla Jersey because you might as well look fashionable when you are riding fast.....

From: jenniferlane1974@yahoo.com | Created on: 9/19/2012 2:33 PM

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shorts that stay in place
I've had problems with shorts that bunch up on my legs, but the Perla Castelli shorts stay where they need to stay.  I also like the women specific design because they envelope my body in all the right places.

From: Guest | Created on: 6/10/2011 5:28 PM

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