ASSOS hotSummerInteractive sleeveLess

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ASSOS hotSummerInteractive sleeveLess is an exceptionally lightweight, comfortable base layer that sits over your body like a second skin. The fabric is designed with the AEPD push-pull effect which absorbs your sweat and then wicks it away from your skin so you stay dry. This helps to regulate your body temperature so you can perform at your best. The antibacterial material in this base layer helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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everyone should have this base layer
I saw a friend of mine wearing a base layer and he told me that he kept cooler in in. So I decided to come to you to get one and it's true, I feel cooler in this layer, I think because it wicks away the sweat and keeps my body temperature regulated.  Great shirt to wear under my jersey on these hot summer rides.

From: mperez@yahoo.com | Created on: 6/13/2011 1:12 PM

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