ASSOS LL.haBu_s5 Bib Tights

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In the ASSOS LL.607_s5 Bib Tights = LL.haBu_S5 Bib Tights, ASSOS combined their soft and warm Roubiax fabric with their FI.Mille_S5 Chamois built into the pad so you keep cozy and get fit on those long endurance rides. The Roubaix fabric is a soft, warm, stretchy cloth that is made for the athlete who needs comfort and aerodynamics. The Roubaix panels are cut to fit around all the angles of your cyclist body and the LL.haBu_S5 has a channel built into the pad which reduces genital pressure. A stabilizer is also built into the chamois so it doesn’t move around as you pedal. Ideal for long distance rides, the softness and heat ventilation dimples are smooth and shed the heat when you need to stay cool. Wear LL.607 at about 40° to 61° F or 8°-16° degrees Celsius.

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* Campionissimo AEPD racing fit
* S5 Mille Elastic interface insert
* RXQ fabric on main side panel
* Stratagon Light groin insert