Sidi Ergo 3 Vent Carbon - White/Black/Red

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SIDI Shoes raised the standard for a racer’s cycling shoe when they designed the Ergo 3 Vent Carbon® Shoes. For those who have ridden in the SIDI Ergo 2 shoes, it’s hard to imagine that SIDI could have surpassed their top-of-the-line Ergo 2 which featured a full carbon sole and was ranked one of the lightest shoes around. The Ergo 3 has all the same qualities as the Ergo 2, but SIDI has improved the ventilation by building in vents that can be opened and closed. With this new design, the SIDI 3 shoes seal in the heat on those cold winter morning rides and allow air to flow over your feet, cooling them down when you are riding hard during the hot summer race days. The SIDI 3 is a cycling shoe for all four seasons. To add to the advancements, SIDI even lightened the shoe by creating the new Vent Carbon Sole® which has the same stiffness as the original Carbon Lite Sole® but is now 38 grams lighter. SIDI also redesigned the Adjustable Heel Retention Device® which covers the Achilles tendon and the heel so the back of the shoe is more secure around the rider’s ankle. The new device has a wider softer design. While improving the comfort, the design also guarantees your heel stays in place and you more efficiently transfer your power from leg to pedal. The Ratcheting Caliper Buckle, Techno II Buckle and Velcro Strap are also found in the Ergo 2. Mated with SIDI’s Soft Instep Closure System strap, the Ratcheting Caliper Buckle evenly spreads the pressure when you are pedaling upward, eliminating pressure points and keeping your feet from getting sore. As you are riding hard and even racing, you can click the buckle a maximum of two times which makes it easy to tighten and loosen as your feet adjust to the intensity of your ride. The Patented II Buckle System is one more part of the shoe that provides even distribution. To top it off, the High Security Velcro® won’t shift or slip. The Ergo 3 Vent Carbon Shoes will give you a pair of stiff shoes that ensure that no power will be lost and no hot spots will develop. In the Ergo 3’s you will be comfortable and all your focus will be on riding fast.

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from Ergo 2 to Ergo 3
I rode for a few years in the Ergo 2 and just upgraded into the Ergo 3--- SIDI changed the design a little because the Ergo 3 still have the incredible stiffness of the Ergo 2, but they feel more comfortable, maybe a little flexion in the toe?  I'm not sure, but I'm very glad I upgraded..thanks Tour Cycling for great service and great shoes.

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