Sidi Genius 6.6 SP Carbon

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SIDI does it again! You would think the shoe that won the 2010 Tour de France and Giro d’Italia couldn’t get any better. Not true. SIDI, the company that manufacturers cycling shoes for some of the top professional cyclists in the world, has done it again. In 2011 they pulled their top engineers together and the result is the 2012 SIDI Genius 6.6 SP Carbon cycling shoe with the all-new SP Carbon Sole® and modified Adjustable Heel Security System. This perfect-fit shoe is made so Speedplay pedal fans can now use SIDI shoes without adapter plates. The SP Carbon Sole with the Speedplay cleat reduces sole-to-spindle height by 4 mm, lightens the shoe 54 grams per pair and makes it easier to set up.

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