Castelli Premiata Women's Body Suit

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Castelli designed the Castelli Premiata Body for women who need a one-piece suit that reduces wind drag so they can ride as fast as their legs can pedal with no interference from their cycling apparel. The Hi-gloss Lycra® fabric helps you ride fast because it is lightweight and its high-density quality wicks away moisture so you stay dry. Even the invisible zip adds to the aerodynamics. The Progetto X2 seat pad has two layers. The first layer against your skin is soft and it's designed to wick away sweat so you stay dry and comfortable. The second layer, which is against the seat, is multi-layered so the area beneath your perineum and sit bones is the thickest layer so you can ride long and pressure is relieved. There is less padding in the areas that have less chafing, therefore less bulk and greater comfort. The mesh back allows your skin to breathe so you don’t feel clammy in this bodysuit.
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made to beat the wind
In the Castelli Premiata Body I am aerodynamic. Castelli perfected every aspect of this body suit to make this my number one time-trial suit. It's a one piece suit with minimal seams made out of a stretchy fabric. I ride like a bullet through the wind and I feel very comfortable doing it.

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