Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Women's Short

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Made with mostly a single piece of seamless fabric, the Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Women's Short will cover your legs like a second skin, with no flapping fabric and no chafing but plenty of comfort. In these women’s cycling shorts you’ll ride more aerodynamically. The variable knit structure in the Body Paint 2.0 also manages your body moisture so you stay comfortable. Castelli has fine-tuned the Progetto X2 Air chamois pad to allow better ventilation, so it dries faster plus the shape has been improved. The padding that's next to your skin is made with a soft, seamless top layer. The Castelli Women's 2.0 shorts is Castelli’s most comfortable and aerodynamic cycling shorts for women.

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best pair of cycling shorts I own
the Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Women's Short  have got to be the best pair of cycling shorts I own.  The material is so light with such a great stretch that other than being covered, I feel like they are barely there.  The seams at the legs keep the shorts in place but its so saft.  The elastic of most of my shorts pinch my skin---this doesnt happen in the Body Paint. The waist is the same--it stays in place but when I'm bent over it feels flexible so it doesn't leave the mark some of my shorts leave. The seat pad is top of the line. I stay dry and it doesn't rub me even on my long rides.  The material they use on the chamois is soft against the skin.  I also like the padding which is layered in different parts of the shorts. I have never spent so much on my cycling shorts, but these were worth it especially now that I've upped my mileage to do 100 + miles 1-2 times a week.

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cycling shorts that are women specific
The Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Women's Short are specific to my woman's body.  First, I prefer cycling shorts because as a woman they are easier to get on and off during pee break----I don't have to take off the cycling jersey.  But the Body Paint 2.0 is designed specifically for the woman's body.  The waist comes in and the cycling shorts are cut to fit the curves of my hips. Even the seat pad is designed to fit me when I am on the seat.  It's not too too bulky and hsa the padding in the right places.  I heard Castelli was the first to design women specific cycling clothing and they make the best.

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soft around the waist
I love the waist on the Body Paint 2.0. it fits perfectly the curves of my waist. I dont get pinched like I do in some of my other cycling shorts. The other thing I love about these Castelli cycling shorts is the fabric. I'm not sure what they combined but the fabric covers every milimeter of my skin with a soft feel. I am very aerodynamic when I ride in the 2.0's.

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