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The ASSOS iJ.haBu5 is an insulator jacket that's ideal for those early winter morning rides. It's made with two new fabrics developed by the ASSOS textile lab: The low-volume, highly impermeable stragonLight fabric for insulation and body temperature control; and the highly breathable, two-way stretch RXQ fabric which is also an insulator. You stay warm in the cold but this jacket is so light you won't feel you are wearing extra clothing. What's more, the stretchy iJ.haBu.5 will mold to your body form so you are always aerodynamic. The push-pull effect in the fabric pulls moisture away and evaporates it to the outside so it helps to maintain your body at its ideal temperature. Wear this jacket with the ASSOS next-to-the-skin Interactive Insulator and you can meet the challenge of even colder days. The iJ.haBu.5 is for the serious rider who wants comfort and warmth in a jacket that can enhance performance. You can wear this in races or on training rides when many who ride only when it’s warm stay huddled inside while you are out on the road accepting the challenge of the weather.

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finest technical jacket around
After wearing the ASSOS iJ.haBu5 Jacket, I am now a believer in ASSOS cycling clothing. There is not one seam or flapping material in this ASSOS cycling jacket. It's almost like a one layer tight tank top,  which someone keeps me warm. Even as the weather starts to warm up, I don't feel clammy one bit---something in this jacket feels like air flows through just when I need it. The jacket is super light. I can move around on my bike easily in this jacket.

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