Sidi Spider SRS Lorica Men's Shoe - Black Vernice

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High-performance, high-mileage cross country riders and cyclocross racers need a pair of mountain bike shoes that can handle the elements while maintaining the comfort and fit so you can ride faster than the rest. The SIDI Spider SRS Lorica does just this. The all-Lorica® upper protects from the elements while it also allows your feet to breathe. SIDI revolutionized mountain bike shoe design with the Sole Replacement System ® Sole which allowed mountain bikers to replace the sole. Since it’s replaceable, SIDI places an anti-slip insert beneath the insert which helps during the cyclocross remounts. This is ideal for the cyclocross racer. The SIDI Heel Cup stabilizes and supports the heel so the heel doesn’t slip and the power can be transferred into pedal on each pedal stroke. The Integrated Rubber Toe Guard® makes this mountain bike shoe more durable and the Caliper Buckle allows you to make the exact fit.

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stiff but not too stiff
These are the perfect mountain bike shoes.  They are stiff enough to really be a great platform to push on those stretches that require constant power. But they are also flexible enough to run on when I have to carry my bike over logs or unrideable sections of the trail. The rubber lugs at the bottom of the shoe grip rocks securely if they are wet or dry.

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