Tifosi Tempt, Race Black Sunglasses

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Tifosi Tempt, Race Black Sunglasses are durable and have three interchangeable lens packages included, to add to this super eyewear value. As you ride from one set of weather conditions into another, changing lenses is quick and easy! Not only do you have those diverse weather conditions covered with these specialized lenses, 100% protection against UVA/UVB harmful rays is provided with these decentered shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The Tifosi framing system is comprised of a homopolymide nylon, Grilamid TR-90, which allows for tremendous bending strength and high resistance to aging, chemical and UV damage. Features: The Hydrophilic rubber nose & ear pieces are adjustable and provide that comfortable, no-slip fit. Lenses: Included lens packages are: AC Red - sharpens contrast and great those mostly sunny rides, 27% light transmission. EC (Extreme Contrast)- ideal for viewing sharp contrasts on courses or trails, 36.2%LT. GT - balance of object and background brightness, 23.2%LT. Weight: 27 grams. Fit: Small to Medium.
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