ASSOS T FI.Lady_S5 Bib Shorts

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The ASSOS T FI.Lady_S5 is made for performing in comfort. Not only does the ultra-fine weave of the Lycra fabric in the body feel good but the elasticity provides the needed support without restricting movement. The AEPD ergonomic 6-panel race cut is designed for the woman’s body. One more quality that ensures a woman gets what she needs to ride a bike comfortably is the ABC-M system that crosses over the head and latches at the abdomen. Because it’s cut exactly to fit the curve of a woman’s body, in the T FI.Lady, female cyclists have a pair of bibshorts that fit so the woman racer feels comfortable enough to move with ease. The T FI.Lady S5 insert has the ergonomic woman insert with a large, high density memory foam pad that conforms to the woman’s body so she is comfortable in all positions without having any excess bulk. The asymmetric leg grippers hold the short in place without uncomfortably gripping the legs.

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light fabric great ft
These are perfect summer shorts.  The fabric feels very light and very breathable. The bibs are very soft against my skin, I barely notice they are there other than they keep the shorts in place.  I am very happy with the ASSOS T FI.Lady_S5 and I am also very happy with Tour Cycling.  I called you up to ask you questions about some of your clothing and you were very helpful---you know your cycling clothing.

From: Guest | Created on: 3/20/2014 11:02 AM

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specifically for a woman's body
I finally found a pair of bibs that fit the curves of my woman's body. Every detail of these bibs fits me.  The legs are not too tight at the leg grippers, the seat area has no extra space, the waist follows the curves of my side when I'm on my bike and the Y panel design goes between my breasts instead of over them.  I feel very comfortable riding in the ASSOS T FI. Lady!

From: Guest | Created on: 9/14/2013 9:21 PM

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strap at the front for the woman
Finally a pair of bib-shorts thats been made for the woman. The straps at the front make th S5 Bib shorts fit perfectly to my shape. There is no bib bunching at my side. The tradional bibs were meant for the man rider. The other design that makes these bins for the woman rider is the way the fabric has been cut. They fit the curves of my waist so when Im in the riding position, I am super comfortable.

From: Guest | Created on: 10/12/2012 9:29 PM

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