Castelli Nanoflex Bibknicker

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Castelli combined their traditional Thermoflex fabric along with millions of tiny nanofilaments. The resulting Nanoflex fabric is the most water repellant fabric ever made. Moisture bounces off the Castelli Nanoflex Bib-knickers so you stay dry. The light 35-gram fabric is also wind resistant. Wind and rain can’t pierce into these bib-knickers. To maximize the water resistance, these cycling bib-knickers have minimum seams, which means minimal places where water can seep in. The material also has an astounding ability to stretch and then rebound. These bib-knickers manage to stay completely aerodynamic through multiple cold seasons. The KISS3 pad has multiple comfort qualities designed into its structure. Seamless with a super soft, brushed microfiber top accentuates its comfort. The continuously variable thickness gives you the protection you need and eliminates the bulkiness you don’t need. Anatomically shaped with bacteriostatic treatment ensures minimal chafing and maximal comfort. Good for >42°F <65°F

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great for chilly fall and early winter riding
The knickers that cover half way down my calf are great for the rides just before it gets really cold. The nanoflex fabric in these bibknickers are what I want to write about. This fabric blocks out wind and water just rolls off of it while still feeling light and breathable.  The winter months are the toughest months to keep my fitness going because of the wet chill in the air. The Nanoflex bibknickers keep my motivation high in the winter because they protect me from the winter elements.

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