Castelli Ergo Bib Tight

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Ergonomic is what best describes the Castelli Ergo Bib Tight. Years of research and trial have developed what Castelli uses in many of its cycling apparel—Thermoflex fabric. The stretchiness in the celebrated Castelli Thermoflex fabric ensures that on every pedal stroke and in every position, the bibtights stick to you like a second skin—no flapping or snagging of the material will get in the way of your performance. Warm, dry and comfortable would be three more words on the list best used to describe the Ergo Bibtight. Made with multiple layers, the first layer traps in warm air and the outer layer evaporates sweat. Your back is covered with material so your warmth is enhanced, but the material is also breathable so you don’t feel clammed into your bibtights. In these Castelli bibtights, you feel completely free to move. Silicone ankle grippers seal in the heat and block out the cold at your ankles. The flatness in these ankle grippers adds to the aerodynamic design. Seal in the warmth with the YKK® Ankle Camlock Zippers. The KISS3 pad has been designed for long rides that also require lightness. Anatomically cut to fit you in the riding position. The thickness then tapers so you have smooth transitions and there is no snagging or bulkiness. The skin layer is seamless and made with a super soft, brushed microfiber top. Comfort, comfort, comfort describes this seat pad. To top it off, the bacteriostatic treatment helps to avoid skin irritation.

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* Thermoflex fabric FOR Warmth AND COMFORT
* Kiss3 pad for all-day comfort
* Mesh BIB STRAPS for breathability
* Embossed logo on side of the legs
* silicone ankle grippers lIE flat and seal around shoecover
* YKK® Ankle Camlock zippers with reflective tape for high visibility