Castelli Fausto Wool Jersey

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Slip into the Fausto Wool Jersey and celebrate the history of cycling clothing. For most of the 143 years of competitive cycling, wool has been the staple fabric used in cycling jerseys. Wool is very soft and very warm. To this day, while riding a bike, many wear wool for the comfort. The Fausto Wool Jersey is made of 100% washable wool and is easy to clean. The 20 cm zip adds to the classic look and the embroidered Scorpion logo on chest speaks class and style. Add a modern flare to the jersey by storing today’s GU’s and energy bars into the three back pockets.

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Wool in the winter is the way to Ride
When riding in the Castelli Fausto Wool Jersey I feel like I'm riding in the past but I still have all the technology of the present.  Wool is warm because it has excellent heat retention and it still wicks away my sweat beautifully. The fit of the jersey is more modern because it has a very aerodynamic cut.

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