Sidi Moon Women's Road Shoe

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SIDI understands the importance of making a shoe that fits the shape of a woman’s foot. SIDI’s Moon Women’s Road Shoe is longer and narrower than a man's so the result is a cycling shoe that fits women riders perfectly. This fit, together with SIDI’s world renowned stiff construction, means the female cyclist has complete transfer of power from leg to pedal whether training or racing in this shoe. The materials in the SIDI Moon are the same as those in the men’s version of the shoe—the Tarus. SIDI injected carbon fiber in a matrix of Nylon 6 to make the Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole®. This construction is 37% more rigid than a standard nylon sole, but SIDI designed just enough flexion in the cycling shoe so a woman’s foot is comfortable. SIDI also designed long life into the Moon so that the stiffness is less susceptible to weather and usage changes. While SIDI shoes may seem a little pricey, the long life and the improved performance more than make up for the cost. SIDI engineers haven’t overlooked anything in the construction of the Moon. So that a woman can walk comfortably in the shoe, they’ve inserted an anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad. The Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole® is compatible with the best pedal systems available, and includes a printed 10 mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale on the sole as well as the Look Memory Eyelet® for easy cleat alignment and replacement. The design of the upper part of the shoe on the Moon is really attractive and this upper is made with cooling mesh panels which keep your foot dry and aerated. Comfort is enhanced by the thickly padded tongue which eliminates pressure points. After the ride starts, the female cyclist can easily adjust the 3- Velcro® straps so she can adjust the Moon for a perfect fit and complete comfort.

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very comfortable
The SIDI’s Moon Women’s Road Shoe are stiff enough to give me an excellent  platform between my cycling shoe and my pedal , but not too stiff to making my feet sore.  These are great shoes.  I also like the wide range of clothing options for women Tour Cycling offers. It's hard to find a company with so many options for women cyclists.

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