Sidi Sun Women's Mountain Bike Shoe

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SIDI designed the Sun Women’s Mountain Bike Shoe so that it fits the shape of a woman’s foot to perfection. This fit results in absolute comfort and is a very efficient medium to transfer power so the rider can make her mountain bike go faster. To adjust to the changes in your foot that occur when you’re riding, you can easily adjust the 3-Velcro® straps so the shoe continues to fit perfectly when this is needed the most. The Sole Replacement System® (SRS) has been built into the Sun because SIDI recognizes the extreme wear and tear on your mountain bike shoes when you’re pedaling through the mud, dirt and debris on a mountain bike trail. The SRS ensures your mountain bike shoe has a long life at a very affordable price. But it’s not just durability that makes this SIDI shoe great: It’s the comfort. The cooling mesh panels in the upper portion of this women’s cycling shoe will keep your feet dry and breathing and the thickly padded tongue that eliminates pressure points will enable you to ride in comfort.

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* Uniquely beautiful upper design with cooling mesh panels
* Women-specific last/foot-form and narrow SIDI Heel Cup for perfect fit
* 3- Velcro® straps for tuneable, perfect fit across the foot and easy on-bike adjustment
* Thickly padded tongue eliminates pressure points