Sidi Tarus Men's Road Shoe

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The plain external appearance of the SIDI Tarus Men’s Road Shoe doesn’t show the true complexity of its design. The stiffness of this SIDI shoe results from more than 40 years of research by Dino Signori, the man who revolutionized cleat attachment with titanium. The Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole® in the Tarus cycling shoe is SIDI’s most up-to-date version of stiffness combined with comfort. While it’s 37% more rigid than a standard nylon sole, the stiffness in this sole is also less susceptible to usage and temperature changes which makes it more durable and mechanically stable. The SIDI Tarus can keep its rigidity through multiple race seasons. An anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad have been designed into the shoe in recognition of the occasional need you have to walk in your SIDI shoes. The Tarus Men’s Road Shoe is compatible with the best pedal systems. There is a printed, 10 mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale on the sole as well as SIDI’s Look Memory Eyelet® for easy cleat alignment and replacement. Made with a new super-ventilated upper, it has the most mesh venting of any shoe in SIDI’s 2013 lineup. The 3-Velcro® straps secure your foot in the shoe for a perfect fit, while your feet stay fresh because of the ventilation system. The thickly padded tongue that eliminates pressure points is another feature that adds to the comfort of the SIDI Tarus Men’s Road Shoe.

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All NEW super-ventilated upper—the most mesh venting of any shoe in SIDI’s 2013 lineup.
•Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole®
•3- Velcro® straps for tuneable, perfect fit across the foot and easy on-bike adjustment
•Thickly padded tongue eliminates pressure points