Kask K.10 Helmet - White

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The K.10 cycling helmet in white is so light and ventilated you barely notice you are wearing a cycling cap as you ride hard, sweat and race against a pack of ambitious cyclists. At 280 grams with 19 big air intakes, air flows through the feathery-light aerodynamic cycling helmet. The K.10 is for the racer who needs a cycling helmet that enhances speed and helps the racer who rides to win. While light and ventilated, the “in moulding” system joins the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one. The design has excellent shock absorption so your head is better protected in case of a crash. The strengthened frame adds to the protection because it keeps the helmet from breaking into pieces if it collides with the road. Performance and protection are combined into the design of the K.10 cycling cap-- two essential qualities for the serious racer. The Up-N-Down adjustment system makes the K.10 have the most exact fit of any helmet. The back of the helmet is cradled by straps. You can adjust the central ratchet wheel until you feel the perfect fit. The gel internal liner is breathable and non-slip so the fit is lined with comfort. Lined also by Coolmax® fabric, your sweat is absorbed and evaporated so you stay dry and cool. The Coolmax® layers can also be easily removed and washed. The eco-leather chin strap is the diamond of the K.10. Very comfortable and easy to adjust, the leather chin strap is non-allergic so it eliminates skin irritation. To top it off, the high visibility stickers can be seen by motorists so you are safer. The K.10 is made by the Italian company KASK which makes the helmets for Team Sky, the team of the 2012 Tour de France winner. Team Sky chose to wear the KASK helmets because of the competitive advantage the helmets gave the racers.

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 *Silk-screen processed polycarbonate external shell
 *Inner shell made of polystyrene with the in-moulded plastic frame
 *19 big air intakes
 *Reflecting sticker on the rear part of the helmet
 *Luminescent strap clips
 *Unique UP-N- DOWN size hinged adjustment system gives the ultimate fit in terms of precision,
  comfort and security
 *Nape-guard with non-slip rubber coating
 *Nylon thermo fixed straps with reflecting strips and quick release buckle
 *Chin pad is made from non-allergic imitation leather which improves wearing comfort and
  eliminates skin irritation
 *Inner padding is made of two layers of CoolMax and the open cells filter, removable and
 *Available sizes: single adjustable size XS-XL (53-61 cm)
 *Comes with its own carry bag
 *100% made in Italy