ASSOS tB.laalaLai_S5 - Bib Short - Women's

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With the ASSOS Lady's tB.laalaLai-S5 Bib short, you're getting one high performance cycling apparel item with the benefits of a short, base layer and sleeveless top all-in-one and is great for warmer weather conditions. This suit is ergonomically designed for the female anatomy while cycling and has the ASSOS lady-specific S5 elastic interface insert. The suit's fabric is ASSOS's exclusive TypeA.430 muscle compression spandex, which is soft yet durable. The tB.laalaLai_s5 Women's Bib Short is available only in limited quantities.. order yours now at Tourcycling.com

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feels like a second skin
I got the ASSOS Lady's tB.laalaLai monosuit during the summer which I wore alone because of the heat. I felt very comfortable. I have never felt material like what I ride in the ASSOS Lady's tB.laalaLai monosuit.  It's  jacket soft and super areo.  Now it's chilling down, I use it under my ASSOS cycling jacket.  These might be my best cycling clothing investment I have ever made.

From: Guest | Created on: 12/13/2013 7:54 PM

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Fianlly a suit anatomically designed for a woman's body
I have been in the sport of cycling for many years.  For years I had to wear cycling clothing made for a man's body.  A few years back, they started making clothing for a woman's body and I usually buy Castelli clothing because it's very race oriented.  But I never found a suit that really fit me well.  The challenge is to find a suit where the top and the bottom fit well...ASSOS did it with the ASSOS Lady's tB.laalaLai monosuit.  It's cut for a woman who has hips and the fabric is stretchy enough so it can fit a few different body types. The stretchy fabric is combined with a fabric that stays dry.  Wonderful combination ASSOS.

From: Guest | Created on: 9/20/2013 6:36 PM

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Great for warm weather riding
ASSOS is known for the complexity of their fabrics to make very high quality race cycling apparel and ASSOS did it again when they designed the ASSOS Lady's tB.laalaLai monosuit.  First, it’s multilayered. The layer against my skin is Assos' micro-mesh which keeps my skin feeling dry even on those hot training days. This mesh has a super-light and super-thin, four-way stretch fabric so it fits my torso like a second skin. The fabric’s close contact constantly wicks away my sweat so I don’t need a base layer.  The legs are made with Assos Type A.431 spandex which has excellent compression. The material is also thin and soft which make it perfect for summer riding.  The ASSOS monosuit is made with Lady_S5 chamois which is little shorter from front to back and wider in the seat bones in comparison to my other chamois.  This design makes these shorts very comfortable on those long rides.  The last thing I like about this suit is the big pocket in the back that is sealed with a zipper—I can store my riding food in comfortably.  This is a great warm weather cycling suit.

From: jenniferlane1974@yahoo.com | Created on: 8/25/2013 10:15 PM

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