Sidi Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon - White/Black

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SIDI designed extreme comfort in the Genius 6.6 Carbon cycling shoe for the highly ambitious rider. Racers thrive off the light and stiff structure of the Vent Carbon Sole®. The efficacy of this SIDI cycling shoe is backed by high-end technology and years of research. Top- level engineers have tested this shoe on the best racers in the world to produce the shoe most favored in the racing peloton. In the Genius 6.6, sheets of T700 carbon fiber in a 3k weave pattern give a direct medium where you transfer leg power into speed. The extreme stiffness is only slightly lessened in the toe area where there is controlled flex. The flexion reduces the stress just enough so the plantar tendon isn’t strained and circulation is enhanced so you have complete feel in your feet. Comfort is added by the Comfort Fit insoles that have a thin layer of memory foam for lightweight support. Complete pedal efficiency has been designed into the Genius with the Adjustable Heel Retention Device®. The exact fit around the top of the heel cup locks in the heel without cutting off circulation. Easy to adjust on the bike, the caliper buckle and High Security Velcro® add to the shoe’s perfect fit. Refreshing air flows through the vents that have been added to the Vent Carbon Sole®. In the summer months, open the vents and allow air to circulate. In the winter months, slip on the toe pad/vent cover. Insulate your body heat and stay warm. The feet are highly sensitive to weather extremes so the Genius 6.6 shoe is designed to give you 4-season comfort.

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racing in the masters with the SIDI shoe
I just recently got back into racing---and now I am a Master's racer.  I decided to try out the Sidi Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon which is one of SIDI's newest cycling shoes. Years ago I rode in SIDI shoes, but the newer ones seem to have even a stiffer sole, yet they are more comfortable, I think its because of a little flex in the toe.  These are great for racing crits because of all the accelerations which the Genius 6.6 handles very well.

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