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The lenses in the Zegho crystall Sunglasses are curved independently for each eye so that on rainy days your eyes will be protected from any mud and water that sprays up from the road. When the rain comes the wind often comes also, but even crosswinds are blocked out by the lenses of the Zegho crystall Sunglasses. No matter how dim the light of the day is, the lens is designed to give good contrast to your surroundings so you see everything very clearly. When the light is dim on training and racing days, the Zegho crystall Sunglasses will protect your eyes and help you see clearly no matter how much the speed picks up.
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* Line: ASSOS high performance eye Protection
* ClimaRange: year-round
* ProductClass: eyeProtection
* AEPD: clickFace
* Sizes: one size fits all
* Parts: 3 materials, 10 components
* Weight: 27.5 grams – superleggera
* UV protection: 100%
* Water repellent: yes
* Patent: Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens V-Toric
* Certified: ASSOS Werksmannschaft