ASSOS Ij.bonKa.6 MILLE Jacket

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The ASSOS iJ.bonKa.6 MILLE is for the athletic regular fit cyclist and is a high-performance, winter cycling jacket that has been improved from its predecessor with better protection from the cold, wet and windy winter weather. While it gives improved protection from the elements, the jacket is lighter and more functional. Use this cycling jacket in winter weather above O 0C or 32 0F and you will feel good and able to focus your energy on your performance. When the temperatures hover around the freezing point, use an ASSOS interactive base layer for that extra protection that ensures your body heat stays close to you. The protection is designed into the complex construction of fabrics combined into one jacket. The double-layer construction, a combination of airBlock textile outside and RXQ fabric inside, is designed into the chest and upper arm sections. This combination gives you more insulation with a more contoured fit. The chest and elbow areas have a wind protection layer so you are protected from the cold wind where it hits you the hardest. Inside the collar area an ergonomically shaped inner layer turtleneck construction contours to your chest and collar perfectly so no cold can seep in. This also allows you to work with the front main zipper as an additional ventilation device on uphills, without decreasing chest and collar insulation. In the rear panel the RX textile enhances ventilation so your skin can breathe and sweat can evaporate so you stay dry. The side panels and lower arms are made of a wind-blocking fabric and the rear panels won’t stretch when you fill up your three back pockets. While these fabrics keep your body warm, they also allow your skin to breath. When your body heats up, the ventilating and wicking ability of the fabric keep your body from overheating. Not only is the fit perfect so you are completely aerodynamic but the complexity of the combination of fabrics monitors and controls your body temperature. You feel good at the beginning of a ride when it’s cold and at the end of the ride when the temperature rises and your body has been working hard on the bike.
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comfortable fit
I like the comfortable fit on the ASSOS iJ.bonKa.6 MILLE Jacket. I've been using the ASSOS cycling jacket with a base layer in temperatures in the 40s. I feel really comfortable...the jacket isn't too tight--it has a slightly loose fit which goes great on my long rides.

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ASSOS designers are genius
ASSOS has come up with a new fabric that they put into the iJ.bonka.6 that makes it THE riding winter jacket. I'm a techy person and I have learned a lot about the fabrics they use in cycling clothing and how it affects how you feel when you are riding.  When I rode in the ij.bonka, I understood what I was reading about. Assos made the outer-layer from the strataGon Ultra material  which they use in the iJ.bonka.  When it's really cold and your skin is cold, this normally breathable material closes up so no cold seeps in.  But when my body heats up, the material opens and lets in air to keep me cool.  This works well when I start a training ride in the cold, but as I ride hard and my body heats up, the jacket keeps me staying cool.  ASSOS did it again with the ij.bonka.6 Mille jacket

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