CEP Progressive Running Compression Sock - Women's

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The CEP Run Progressive Women is a pair of socks that helps to speed up the oxygenation of the female athlete’s blood so that she recovers faster and can continue to make hard efforts. Tighter in the ankle and loser in the calf, the CEP pushes blood up to the lungs where it is oxygenated and can continue circulate the oxygen from your lungs throughout your body. Running times have been increased by 5% in compression socks. The oxygen not only allows more effort but it also reduces leg cramps, pulled muscles, shin splints and other types of injuries. The same increase in recovery happens when you wear the socks after your run or ride. Compression socks increase blood circulation by up to 30%, so not only do you recover faster within your workout, but also in between workouts. The CEP Progressive also helps to regulate body temperature which is essential for peak performance. Made of a microfiber fabric that absorbs and evaporates sweat, the socks keep you dry. The dryness keeps you cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter. Comfort and performance are enhanced in the CEP compression socks.
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* Graduated medi compression
* Air channels
* Achilles tendon protector
* Anatomic foot padding
* Comfortable band
* Extra-flat toe seam
* Odor-reducing silver ions
* Anatomical fit
* Microfiber technology
* Breathable
* Moisture management