CEP Allsport Compression QUAD Sleeves - Unisex - White

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CEP Quad Sleeves consistently compresses your upper leg muscles, which helps to prevent quadriceps or hamstring cramping. The Quad Sleeve also supports the IT band so it doesn’t get damaged while you’re pushing your body to perform. The compression increases the flow of blood to your lungs where it is re-oxygenated. The oxygen helps to keep your muscles warm and healthy and keeps you feeling fresher longer. The fabric in the Quad Sleeve is breathable and it also keeps you dry by absorbing sweat. The dryness helps to monitor your body temperature both in the winter and the summer so you can perform at your best.

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* Graduated medi compression
* Soft zone
* Comfortable band
* Odor-reducing silver ions
* Anatomical fit
* Breathable
* Moisture management