ASSOS tK.607_S5 Bib Knickers

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The ASSOS tK.607_S5 bibknicker is ideal on chilly days in spring, fall, or early winter and you’re dressed to train in comfort. The Campionissimo AEPD racing cut is designed to fit your body while in the tucked position so you are very aerodynamic. The material doesn’t bunch up and snag and you have complete freedom of movement. In the tK.607, you can focus on riding fast. The fabric in the tK.607 absorbs your sweat and evaporates it so you stay dry which helps to maintain an ideal body temperature which you need to perform at your best. Not only does the fabric keep you comfortable, but it also compresses your skin so oxygen circulates throughout your body and the lactic acid is removed. The tK.607 actually enhances your performance. The ASSOS designers added a wind-protector fabric in the abdominal area so you’re protected. The fabric around the knees, which are sensitive to cold, is warmer than spandex. Your body heat is better insulated in the tK.607 when compared to your standard bib tights. The FI.Mille_S5 elastic interface insert is anatomically designed to fit your seat area perfectly so it moves with you on every pedal stroke and protects you on those long rides or short, fast races.

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