ASSOS iJ.intermediate_s7 Jersey

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The ASSOS iJ.intermediate_s7 Jersey keeps a racer warm in mildly chilly race weather. The iJintermediate is race ready with its stretchy fabric that blocks the biting morning wind and soaking rain while having enough breathability to keep a rider dry when he sweats. The human body dissipates most of its heat through the back and sides which is why ASSOS used its new Type vX121 summer textile to dry 34% faster than its previous version of breathable fabric. When your body heats up and you sweat, this ASSOS cycling jersey helps maintain your ideal performance body temperature. On the upper arms that get the most battering from nippy wind, the ASSOS insulating fabric is comfortable and it fits perfectly as you are leaned over the bike. The construction of the jersey allows complete freedom of movement while no flapping material gets in the way. At the wrists, ASSOS has discovered a new design of the sleeves so they stay comfortably in place while providing a smooth surface for air flow. Every aspect of the iJ.intermediate says comfort must go together with performance. The full length zipper has a flap to protect from rain and of the three rear pockets, one is zippered and has a membrane to protect any valuables from water.

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* Frontpanel: new stratagonUltra airBlock fabric. Advantages: extreme stretch, extreme low volume and advanced breathability transmission factor. * Micro thin two-layer memory foil shield composite * Impermeability 11.200 mm H2O * Nonporous, hydrophilic * Molecule gapping technology. It's alive! * Flexible barrier function enables it to respond to your body temperature * Side and rear panel made out of the new ASSOS Type.v X121 summer fabric as used on the new SS.Uno_s7. Advantage: Speed! 34% faster drying process compared to previous generation. This provides a better - operating body temperature regulation function.  * Upper arms feature a brand new, super light, fleecy type of insulation fabric. Nicely adhering, keeps your arms cozy and well protected and gives total freedom of movement. * NEW: the front of the collar now features airBlock protection. * Full zip with flap protection on the upper section. * Three rear pockets, of which the center one is zippered and membrane-protected to give its contents light water protection. * WristWrap: Better, more stable fit of the sleeves thanks to this new ASSOS construction feature. * ASSOS Ergonomic Pattern Design - AEPD. Racing Cut. Pre-shaped, tailored to fit you when in position on the bike, follows your movements without restricting.