ASSOS iJ.tiBuru.4 Jacket

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The ASSOS iJ.tiBuru.4 is for cooler riding conditions when you want a heavy, long sleeve jersey. This ASSOS long-sleeve jersey has the right fabrics in the right places so you are protected in the cold weather without feeling that you’re wearing a bulky piece of cycling clothing. The iJ.tiBuru.4 is also cut to fit you when you are tucked down in the riding position. The cycling jersey is completely aerodynamic with a perfect fit and no extra material flapping around. The iJ.tiBuru.4 is for the rider who needs a long sleeve cycling jersey that will protect without slowing him down when it’s time to ride fast. Protection from the cold and wind has been designed into the fabric of the iJ.tiBuru.4. A fleecy type fabric is at the front and upper arms where the wind hits you the most. The rear of the jersey is a lighter fabric that wicks sweat away so you stay dry. A rear stabilizer panel design, keeps the jersey from stretching when you load up the three rear pockets with enough food to get you through a long training ride or race.

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Protecting against cold and still light
I've never had a jacket that protected me so well against the cold but feels so light. Really good for the Fall and early winter months, the fleecy inside of it does a great job of keeping in my body heat, but still breathes well which helps me when I am riding hard. I have no problem moving around on my bike.  The jacket stays with me.  It doesn't bunch up or snag on anything.  This is the perfect jacket on days I want to make some hard efforts in very chilly weather.

From: Guest | Created on: 9/15/2013 4:32 PM

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well insulated jacket for cold weather
On my cold rides the ASSOS iJ.tiBuru.4 motivates me to get out and train. The jacket is fleecy---The front has heavier fabric to block the cold wind and the back and sides seem a little lighter which helps to balance out the heavy front. I also notice the back is stablized so my rear pockets stay in place.

From: Guest | Created on: 8/26/2013 7:03 PM

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