Sidi Five Men's Shoe - Black Vernice

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SIDI has made the Five Carbon cycling shoe lighter with an even better fit while still extremely comfortable. The new Vent Carbon Sole® is 38 grams lighter than its predecessor. While lighter, the T700 carbon fiber in a 3k weave pattern retains the same stiffness required by top professional riders like Ivan Basso. Comfort is required for performance. Knowing this, SIDI engineers designed a slight flexion in the Five Carbon to ensure no unneeded stress is placed on the plantar tendon. After years of research, SIDI has found the perfect combination of stiffness with flexion so no power is lost and no injury follows extra effort. The redesigned Adjustable Heel Retention Device® adds to the shoe’s comfort because it reduces weight with its lower cut. Wider design opens up the cycling shoe so there is no friction and chafing. You still get the ergonomic qualities of the SIDI shoe because the new material conforms to your foot. You feel good on each pedal stroke. Another contribution to having the perfect fit is that you can methodically click on the Patented Techno II Buckle System until the shoe fits just right. In the Five Carbon, you can adjust the shoe for perfect fit while riding your bike.

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* NEW Vent Carbon Sole®: Venting can be opened and closed for 4-season comfort. Vent
  Carbon Sole® is 38 grams lighter than the Carbon Lite Sole® while maintaining the
  same stiffness.

* Redesigned Adjustable Heel Retention Device® Lower cut, wider design and softer,
  more compliant material improves ergonomics and reduces weight.

* Patented Techno II Buckle System and Caliper Buckle for easy on-bike fit adjustment