Castelli Perla Body

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Whether riding on a trainer indoors in the winter or in the countryside in the warmer months, the Castelli Perla Body covers the woman cyclist’s upper and lower body with comfortable Softlex fabric. Softlex also lightly compresses the skin. The Perla Body is cut so that it fits perfectly. The seamless elastic bands at neck and legs keep the cycling suite against your skin but without abrasion or discomfort. The women’s-specific KISS3 Donna seat pad has been designed specifically for the contours of a woman’s body so she gets the protection where she needs it the most. The 2 rear pockets are wide and provide plenty of space to store what you need on your rides to fuel your cycling body. Style is added to the Perla Body with the embossed tone-on-tone scorpion logo on the left side.

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 * Softlex fabric for soft stretch with a cotton-like hand
 * Embossed tone-on-tone scorpion logo on left side
 * 2 Rear pockets
 * 2 Reflective rear tabs
 * Seamless elastic bands at neck and legs
 * Women’s-specific KISS3 Donna seat pad