Castelli Free Tri Distance Suit

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The Castelli Free Tri Distance Suit is one piece of clothing for all three legs of a triathlon whether it’s a sprint or an Ironman. The Free Distance Suit will do its job of covering you without restricting your movement during the swim, bike and run. Made with hydrophobic Instadry speed fabric, the Tri Suit helps you through the swim without absorbing water that could weigh you down. For the bike stretch, the velocity mesh back is very aerodynamic as you push your body against the wind in the time trial position. The GIRO3 arm and leg elastic keeps the Free Tri Distance Suit in place without chafing your skin. The front zip is easy to open up in case you need airflow.

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 * Hydrophobic INSTADRY SPEED FABRIC is fast in the swim yet doesn’t absorb
 * Velocity mesh back is wind tunnel proven for maximum speed on the bike
 * GIRO3 arm and leg elastic
 * Flatlock stitching
 * Front zipper