Castelli Free Donna Tri Short

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The Castelli Free Donna Women's Tri Short has been designed to fit like a second skin while the female triathlete is swimming, biking and running. Not only are they designed to fit the woman’s body in motion, but the compression of these shorts stimulates circulation which helps recovery. These Castelli Tri Shorts enhance performance, giving you that bit of advantage over your competition. Another quality these shorts have to handle the swim and transitions into the bike leg of a triathlon is the Instadry Speed Fabric which doesn’t absorb water. In the swim, water flows smoothly over the fabric. You will not be weighed down by water absorbed into your clothing. In the transition from swim to bike, this water rolls off the shorts so within minutes you are dry. The construction is exceptionally comfortable. Layers roll in on themselves in the shorts flatlock stitching, so there is no chafing. The 3 GIRO gripper elastic keeps the shorts in place while not pinching the skin. Drawcord waist can be easily adjusted to fit to your waist perfectly in each of the legs. KISS TRI pad is specifically padded so that you are protected in the TT position. The padding has been minimized so you have maximum protection without excess padding getting in the way as you are swimming and running. These shorts have been designed for the triathlon so they are exceptionally comfortable for the woman triathlete in all three legs of a triathlon.

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* INSTADRY SPEED FABRIC is fast in the swim and doesn’t absorb water
* Free construction for great anatomic fit
* KISS TRI pad optimized for swim bike and run
* Flatlock stitching
* 3 GIRO gripper elastic
* Drawcord waist
* Temperature range--62F-95F (17C-35C)