Castelli Sottile Due Jacket

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The Castelli Sottile Due Jacket is for the cyclist who’s willing to train in the wind or rain, but needs a cycling jacket that doesn’t restrict his performance. Resistant to water and wind, the fabrics in the Due Jacket are still breathable. This jacket also has a performance fit so it stays close to your body without restricting your movement. The Due Jacket is so lightweight you only notice the protection, not the weight. When it stops raining or the wind lets up, you can fold the jacket up and pack it away. There’s also a zipper opening at back so you can easily access the riding food stored in the pockets of your jersey.

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Product FeaturesProduct reviews

 * Sleek, performance fit, lightweight, packable jacket.
 * Fits in any jersey pocket without weighing you down.
 * Water resistant, wind resistant and breathable fabric
 * Mesh at underarm for added breathability
 * Contrast autolock front zipper
 * Zipper opening at back for access to jersey pockets
 * Rear reflective tabs
 * 100% Polyester