ASSOS LL.haBu_s5 Bibtights - No Insert

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From the v-strap around your mid-section all the way to the straps under your ankles, the Assos LL.habu_s5 bibtights fit perfectly and block out cold wind. No frigid air can seep close to your sensitive skin. In these ASSOS bibtights, you feel cozy in the cold. The wind and waterproof Assos' Roubaix fabric of the LL.habu keeps you warm and dry in frigid moist weather. A healthy body temperature is maintained which is necessary especially on those long endurance rides. While the construction has protective features, the material is light. Besides shielding from the harsh winter elements, the Roubaix fabric in the LL.habu gives you the advantage of riding in a pair of bib-tights that don’t weigh you down. The mesh in the upper section adds to the comfort because it ventilates your skin, so you stay fresh. The ASSOS engineers covered the groin area with a Stratagon Ultra Stratagon Light groin insert that protects a very sensitive part of the body from chilly winds.
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* Campionissimo AEPD racing fit
* RXQ fabric on main side panel