Louis Garneau Vorttice Helmets

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Time-trialists and tri-athletes should check out the Louis Garneau Vortice Helmet if they want to ride with speed against the wind. Air flows closely over the dimpled front of the cycling helmet. Vortex generators behind the dimples are angled ridges that compress and speed up air as it flows over the helmet. The two technologies combined cut drag by 11 percent. At the highest point of the helmet, a front vent directs air along the three “evacuation channels” to cool down your head. The back has an opening that wicks away heat. Cooling and refreshing air is allowed into the Vortice Helmet which still acts as a secure protector of your head in case of a crash. With one hand, adjust the straps with the Spiderlock SL for the perfect fit of a helmet that guards against road collisions without compromising aerodynamic advantages. Also designed to improve aerodynamic performance, the ventilated Vortice lens is included with the helmet

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* In-Mold Construction
* Evacuation channels:  Moisture evacuation channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking
* Golf ball effect:  Texturized surface on the front of the helmet helps achieve better laminar airflow
* Spiderlock SL:  Very light, the stabilizing system works jointly with the straps for a perfect fit. It can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand, thanks to its dented wheel
* Steplock divider:  Cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position
* Vorttice lens included:  Designed to improve aerodynamic performance and minimize fogging, it features UV 400 resistance
* Stickers included (5TO):  Customize your helmet yourself, make it fit with your team clothes!