Castelli Garmin-Sharp Sanremo Speedsuit

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The Garmin-Sharp Sanremo Speedsuit 2013 can be used in time trials and road races. The top qualitiy apparel of the Aero Race cycling jersey and the Body Paint bibshorts have been combined into a skin suit to make the Garmin-Sharp Sanremo Speedsuit. The bibs have been removed and a long zip with overlapping front opening combine the two pieces together. The 3 rear pockets have remained so you can use this Castelli speedsuit on training rides and road races. Castelli designers have given the pockets limited stretch so they stay close and tight to your body. Your aerodynamics isn't compromised. The Aero Race upper portion is made with fabrics that stretch lightly over your skin so that you have a perfect fit. Veocity fabric is also incorporated into the upper portion so that as your body works, your sweat is absorbed and evaporated. You stay dry and your ideal body temperature is more easily maintained, exactly what you need to perform your best. The Body Paint lower portion is made with the Progetto X2 Air seat pad which is a top of the line Castelli chamois. In this Castelli seat pad, you'll find excellent airflow and padding in the areas you need it the most along with a design that fits perfectly to your body as you are in the riding positon.   Still, the main aero benefit is the improved airflow around the torso by keeping the sides of the jersey in tension. The Garmin-Sanremo speedsuit fits you like a second skin.
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skin suit with pockets
I do not like bibstraps and the Sanremo Speedsuit gets rid of those.  I do not like pockets that sag. The Sanremo Speedsuit has the jersey sewed into the shorts so while I have the pockets to store my food, the back material is snugly in place which adds to the aerodynamic stylish speedsuit that I train and race in with complete comfort. The ProgettoX2 Air seat pad almost has no seams. The material is smooth and soft and it still has the padding in the right areas when I am in the TT position.  The fabric is also light and very breathable.  Comfort, comfort, comfort.

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