ASSOS fuguJack Jacket

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ASSOS fuguJack Jacket is worn on cold days. The committed cyclist will be protected in temperatures between 21 F (-6 C) to 42 F (+6 C). Anatomically contoured for a perfect fit, the fuguJack is: lightweight, low volume, and very breathable. When you’re bent over in the cycling position you’ll be protected from the weather and have complete freedom of movement in this ASSOS jacket, which also provides slight body compression to aid in recovery. The unforgiving winds are kept out by the strategically placed Airblock 851 and Thermax textile panels which allow your body to maintain an ideal temperature that enables high performance. The collar, chest and front arms are sealed so no cold wind seeps into your cycling jacket and gets to your warm body. Zip up the high collar and pull up the face mask and you’ll get extra protection when the temperatures drop. Tuck in the face mask and open up the collar as your body heats up and the temperature rises.

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* High collar with incorporated face mask 
* Full front zipper 
* Zip protection 
* Double layer wrist band 
* One large rear pocket 
* 2 zippered pockets 
* Reflective visibility stripes.