ASSOS LS.skinFoil_winterPlus Body Insulator

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The seamless, tubular construction of the LS.skinFoil_winterPlus is made of a soft polypropylene fiber blended base layer and is the perfect second layer to be used with the ASSOS fuguJack Jacket. While the jacket acts as the shell, the LS.skinFoil_winterPlus feels like a second skin that absorbs and evaporates sweat while circulating air so your skin can breathe. These qualities help to maintain a healthy body temperature so you can focus on training without having to interrupt your ride because of discomfort from the cold. The skin-hugging material also helps to increase circulation which helps your upper body to feel fresh, even when you are riding at high intensity. ASSOS topped off this great design by adding anti-microbial silver fibers for added comfort. Ideal for 0 F to 32 F.

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base layer is a must
After wearing the ASSOS LS.skinFoil_winterPlus base layer, I have discovered that the base layer is a must in the cold weather.  The base layer is soft and protective and fitting without being too heavy and restrictive.  It's a great addition to my winter cycling clothing.

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