ASSOS iJ.pompaDour_s7 Jacket - Women's

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The ASSOS iJ.pompaDour_s7 Ladies' Jacket and is best used as a second layer in cold winter riding weather above 32 F (0 C). This ASSOS cycling jacket works best when worn over the new ASSOS skinFoil body insulator. ASSOS uses the body-mapping pattern design to create a cycling jacket that protects in the areas of the body that need the most protection. ASSOS used twinDeckFoiling to design a double layer at the front which is a combination of Stratagon Ultra airBlock textile outside and soft RXQ fabric inside. The combination of two fabrics ensures moisture is wicked away, body heat is insulated and wind is blocked out. Stratagon airBlock membrane fabric is also placed in areas that are punished most by the wind, the arms and collar. The ASSOS RX Textile at the rear is ventilated and has excellent wicking properties so the performance-minded female cyclist stays fresh and dry. Anatomically pre-shaped for the woman cyclist in the riding position, the iJ.pompaDour_s7 is a cycling jacket that fits perfectly. The inner layer turtleneck is also constructed for a perfect fit. The ASSOS rear stabilizer panel design maintains the jersey’s shape when the rear pockets are loaded with riding food.

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 _ The iJ.pompaDour features 30 pattern pieces, 10 different textiles and 12 components.

_ ASSOS Lady, cycling-specific science of body-mapping pattern design.
_ Anatomical fit, ergonomically pre-shaped. Tailored to fit the athletic female body in the cycling position.
_ ASSOS technology: twinDeckFoiling
_ Front, arm and collar feature Stratagon airBlock membrane fabric, custom designed by ASSOS for cycling, not commercially available.
_ Stratagon airBlock: provides body temperature response function thanks to molecule gapping technology. 
_ Additional ergonomically shaped inner layer turtleneck construction.
_ Integrated ASSOS rear stabilizer panel design (Patent no. EP 1 891 868).