Craft Knee Warmer

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As the temperature begins to drop, take the bite out of the chill and cover your knees with the well-fitting Craft Knee Warmers. Craft did everything to ensure the knee warmers do their job of protecting your legs while still allowing complete freedom of movement. Elastic silicone grippers comfortably keep the warmers in place while seams in the right places shape the knee warmers to fit your leg while in the riding position. The ThermoCool fabric has a brushed inside which thermoregulates. Thermoregulation means the knee warmers help to maintain your body temperature in a healthy range even as the outside temperatures are cold. Yet, as the day heats up your legs can still breathe and stay cool.

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 * Thin, lightweight and elastic fabric for freedom of movement

* Elastic silicone grippers keep the knee warmers in place
* Ergonomically placed seams follow the moving body
* The ThermoCool fabric is made of two high-tech polyesters and has a brushed inside offering superb thermoregulation in fair and cold conditions
* Elastic seams in Contrast color
* Anatomically shaped
* Reflective Craft logo