Craft Weather ArmWarmer

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Craft combined performance with comfort in Craft Weather Arm Warmers which have been used by the RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK team. In order to meet the demands of the team that lead Chris Horner to win the 2013 Tour of Spain, Craft created a very complex combination of warming fabrics with a highly aerodynamic design. The front of the warmers is sealed off so no wind or rain can break through the fabric. The secret behind the arm warmers is the lightweight and soft Thermo °Cool™ fabric. Even though extremely wind- and water-proof, your skin can still breathe through the fabric which means as your effort increases or the temperature rises, your body doesn’t overhear. Although exceptionally shielding against cold and windy weather, the elasticity makes the fibers extremely lightweight and aerodynamic. The aerodynamic design along with the elastic grippers that keep the warmers in place give these highly protective warmers a second-skin feel so they do their job on days you want to perform your best.

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 - Wind and waterproof and ventilating fabric at the front 

- Thin, lightweight and elastic fabrics for freedom of movement 
- ThermoCool® panel at the back features two high-tech polyesters and a brushed inside for superb thermoregulation in fair and cold conditions 
- Elastic silicone grippers keep the arm warmers in place 
- Ergonomically placed seams follow the moving body 
- Anatomically shaped 
- Silicone print 
- Reflective Craft logos