Craft Neoprene Glove

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The long fingered Craft Neoprene Gloves protect your hands in cold and wet conditions. Made with Craft’s Neoprene fabric, the gloves are elastic as well as wind- and water-proof. The ergonomic elastic fit along with the Neoprene fabric ensures comfort and complete control of your hands. Neoprene fabric is also durable which gives the winter cycling gloves a long life. The elastic cuff seals in body heat, keeps moisture and cold out while you maintain full control of your hands. Silicone print in palm gives you an excellent grip no matter how moist the weather.

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 * Warm and water-protective glove for cold and wet conditions

* Neoprene fabric
* Silicone print in palm for enhanced grip
* Elastic cuff
* Ergonomic elastic fit
* Reflective print