Craft Neoprene Bootie

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Craft Neoprene Booties do all the things that a good pair of cycling booties should do—seal out wind, insulate body heat and act as a smooth surface that wind can flow over with ease. The secret behind the Neoprene Bootie is the Neoprene fabric which provides a water- and windproof elastic layer. The combination gives you a very close-fitting pair of cycling bootie with excellent protection in cold, wet weather. Craft made the booties easy to pull over your cycling shoes and close with the ¾ zipper at back. The Velcro strap secures the closure of the bootie so no wet, cold weather can trickle into your cycling shoes and make your feet uncomfortably wet. Craft added Kevlar reinforcement in heel and nose to ensure these areas don’t get worn down and your Craft cycling bootie has a long life.

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* Neoprene shoe cover for cold and wet conditions
* Multi-elastic neoprene for a tight fit over the boot
* Kevlar reinforcement in heel and nose
* Velcro strap for a secure fit
* Taped front seam
* Reflective print
* 3/4-zipper at the back