Club Ride Pure West Men's Jersey

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Made for the mountain biker, the classic western design of the Club Ride Pure West Men's Jersey has a loose and comfortable fit that almost looks like a top you could wear walking through town. The hidden zipper can be opened up as you ride, but the super cool pearl buttons close up the jersey so you can walk through a coffee shop and look as though you’re wearing a nice top. While it looks like casual street clothing attire, it still has all the high-tech qualities made for a mountain biker or bike commuter who wants to get somewhere fast. The lightweight RideDryWear fabric quickly wicks sweat and the mix with mesh keeps you cool. The stretch fabric that is 25% lighter ensures you have the chance to move your body where it needs to go without any cycling clothing restriction. The Air2Flow hidden front zip system helps to keep the casual look while still giving you the option to easily open up the front and let in some cool air. The unwanted grease stain from your mountain bike or commuter bike can be washed away so the cycling jersey stays stain-free. Knowing that the sun can bake your skin, the designers placed a UV protection of UPF 30 into the fabric. Bring along your music and riding food in the zippered rear pockets with media port where you can run your Ipod ear cables to your ears and listen to your favorite music.

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* Lightweight RideDryWear™
* Solid colors now 25% lighter
* Turbo dry wicking properties
* Durable, grease is non-sticking
* Mixed with mesh for cooling
* Weight: 105g or 85g/meter
* UV Protective wicking & quick-drying fabric - UPF 30
* Air2Flow™ hidden front zip system
* Stretch fabric for movement
* Full side & arm mesh venting system
* Two zippered rear storage pockets with media port
* Comfort fit