Club Ride Precinct Men's Jersey

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For the environmentally conscientious cyclist who wants to use their road or mountain bike as transportation, the Club Ride Precinct Men's Jersey is a relaxed jersey with a rollover-European style neckline. The Precinct cycling jersey gives you not only a sassy style, but a satisfactory sense of being environmentally responsible. Although made with recycled PET plastic, the Precinct’s job as a protective layer is not compromised. Lightweight RideXDry™ fabric wicks sweat and keeps you dry, but it is still extremely lightweight. The vented mesh in the shoulders and sides moves air through the fabric so you stay cool even on those muggy, hot bicycle commutes. The fabric also has some sun protection while the rear zippered pocket is a place to store extra food, keys and Ipods so music can accompany you on the commute. The two acrylic snaps at the front are easy to open so you can let in some fresh air. The back neckline has reflective material which shines as light hits it—a helpful quality that makes you more visible to motorists.

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* Lightweight RideXDry™
* Made with Recycled PET plastic bottles
* UV Protective wicking fabric - UPF 20
* Rear zippered storage pocket with media port
* Vented mesh accents
* Sport fit