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Through its continued research in areas as to what would make the ideal Olympic time-trial suit, ASSOS has created the T.equipe_s7 bibshorts. The T.equipe_S7 bibshort is part of the S7 series launched by ASSOS just this year. The S7 shorts are lighter, more compressible, more breathable and have fewer seams than the S5 series which was introduced 5 years ago. Of the S7 series of cycling bibshorts, the T.equipe is the racing short. ASSOS hires the finest seamsters to ensure the cut of the shorts is exact so that the T.equipe has the ideal race fit. Minimal seams combined with the new ASSOS Type.439 fabric offers soft, comfortable material that lies close to your skin. Type.439 fabric is ASSOS’ latest invention to advance the comfort of cycling apparel for the performance rider. The Type.439 is the second most compressible fabric in the line compared to the Type.444 used in the T.campissimo_S7. The compression and the race cut in the T.equipe result in a highly aerodynamic pair of cycling bibshorts. Compression also increase blood flow, which decreases the time it takes to recover. The fabric is very abrasion resistant so the high quality of the T.equipe stays good through serious training and racing seasons. Black dye that helps to block out the damaging rays of the sun adds another valuable quality to the fabric of the T.equipe. The part of the cycling shorts that every cyclist requires for comfort is the chamois. The ASSOS Goldengate chamois has another new innovative quality introduced to the cycling world through the S7 series. In the S5, the chamois was fastened to the cycling shorts all the way around. The Goldegate in the T.equipe has two extra panels on the front allowing the ASSOS designers to pull the seams to the sides. Still secured at the front and the back, the chamois  floats freely and moves with the legs which results in less friction and more comfort. It also decreases the bunching which could happen in traditional cycling shorts. Another change that enhances comfort is the cut-out panel at the front of the chamois which is replaced by a soft and flexible fabric. This panel decreases presure on the crotch area and improves breathability. The chamois is a little thinner and narrower at the front which allows the rider to go deep into the drops—the racer position. Similar to the chamois built into the S5 series, the Goldengate has a four-way stretch which helps the chamois to adjust to the constant change of position on the bike. The three separate layers act to cushion, reduce vibration, protect from chafing and allow air to circulate and keep you fresh and dry.

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I ride alot and race most weekends
I ride a lot of race almost every weekend.  These ASSOS cycling bibshorts are my favorite training/racing shorts.  I  lean and I like how the shorts fit my body. The chamois is also great what I am looking for.  I do not like the chamois that are too padded. The chamois on the T.eqipe_s7 protects me without having unnecessary bulk snagging on my seat.

From: Guest | Created on: 3/4/2014 6:43 AM

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great TT bibshorts
I just got my ASSOS T.equipe s7 Bib Shorts and used them in a practice time trial.  They have a great chamois for the TT position.  They are also as aero as a bib-short can be.  Great fit and very comfortable.

From: Guest | Created on: 12/23/2013 5:56 PM

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