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The less restrictive fit on the stomach and waist of the ASSOS T.cento_s7 cycling bibshorts is for the larger cyclist or endurance rider who likes to ride in a pair of cycling shorts that has a relaxed fit. While comfortable, these ASSOS cycling bibshorts still maintain enough of a snug fit so the cyclist’s performance is not compromised. In fact, these bibshorts have enough compression to increase circulalion and speed up recovery. Another aspect of the material are the mesh inserts which increase the evaporation of sweat. Your body can maintain its ideal body temperature when it’s dry. The fabric is also more abrasion resistant. Even for the hard-core cyclist, the ASSOS T.cento S7 cycling shorts stay performnace ready for multiple seasons. As a part of the S7 series, the T.cento_s7 has a new floating chamois called the “Golden Gate Bridge” which is secured at the front and back. Because there are no seams on the sides there is less chafing which means you can ride for long periods of time in comfort. The chamois also has a four-way stretch with three layers each of which does a specific job. The outer later has a higher density memory foam that absorbs shock and is also extremely breathable. A square at the front has been cut out of the chamois and replaced with a soft and flexible fabric panel. At the back of the chamois, a Rear Terminal is stitched to a microfiber panel which reduces friction. The addition of soft fabric next to the skin adds to the comfort needed when riding hours in the saddle. The T.cento is perfect for long distance bicycle rides. Even small details in the design add to comfort for the performance rider. The straps are made with a fabric which is 15 percent spandex so they are more stretchy. This allows for a closer fit to the body. At the front the cycling bibshorts are cut lower and the straps are further apart than the S5 version of cycling shorts. In the rear the straps attach to the top of the stabilizer panel just above the rider’s hips. The slight alteration in design allows more freedom of movement. The leg bands have silicone gripper dots which keep the ASSOS cycling shorts in place without chafing your skin.

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I've been wearing the ASSOS T.cento_s7 cycling bibshorts on my Sunday rides which are 100+miles.  I was a little hesitant to spend this kind of money on a pair of cycling bib shorts, but I was having such problems with saddle sores after my endurance rides and I read that the kuKuPenthouse chamois had some high ratings on it.  It's definitely the most comfortable chamois I have ever ridden in.  The shorts themselves fit my body perfectly. There is no by bunching.  These have turned out to keep me motivated to get out there on my long rides.

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