Castelli Body Paint 3.0 Speed Suit LS

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Team Garmin-Barracuda won the stage 4 TTT of the 2012 Giro d’Italia wearing the Castelli Body Paint 3.0 Long Sleeve Speed Suit. Ryder Hesjedal clinched the pink jersey when he wore the speed suit on the day that determined the final results of the Giro. The Castelli Body Paint Cycling Speed Suit is now available to non-Pro Tour riders who can wear what is probably the fastest suit of the ProTour. The very snug fit of the Castelli cycling speed suit has a second-skin feel. There is no bunching or snagging of material. Air flows very smoothly over a compacted thread Lycra that is also exceptionally lightweight. The compression of the Lycra fabric not only ensures aerodynamics it also increases blood flow which increases recovery time. The fabric’s capacity to circulate air quickly dries body moisture as well as dissipates body heat. Every aspect of the Body Paint Speed Suit was designed to enhance performance. The one-piece seamless design of the shorts connects to the upper portion so air flows over the body with no rough interruption. The dimpled endings on the legs are another Castelli invention that improves air flow and creates enough compression to support legs as they intensely pedal in a time trial or up a mountain. When compared to its rival, Castelli claims the Body Paint saves 30 to 4o seconds on a 40 km effort. The Progetto X2 Air seat pad is Castelli’s top of the line chamois pad. The Cervélo test team and the Garmin-Barracuda team tested the chamois for three years. The result was what may be the most comfortable seat pad that can handle heat, cold, and long hours of riding. The Progetto X2 seat pad adjusts to the body with a four-way stretch skin layer. The seamless skin layer also has microfiber fabric with a perforated foam layer where air can flow through which helps to keep the seat dry and comfortable. The padding is not the same throughout the seat pad area. The thickest padding is in the areas that receive the most pressure and then the padding thins out so you don’t have a bulky chamois pad getting in the way. The third layer is a multi-cushion seat pad with 3 gel inserts. These areas have been carved out and the gel inserts have been placed under the two seat bones and one perineum. The Body Paint 3.0 Speed Suit could protect you in 100+ mile rides. Suggested for temperatures ranging from 62 F to 95 F (17-35C).

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Probably the fastest suit on the ProTour, now available to non-ProTour riders
Boundary Layer engineering to reduce drag over every portion of the suit
Race number flap
PROGETTO X2 AIR seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved airflow

Race fit: Note that this suit fits very snugly