Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshort 2014 - Kit Version

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With the Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshort - Kit Version - the quality begins with just the right combination of the latest and greatest fabrics. The Energia Micro fabric has a stretch on the sides and back that creates a perfect aerodynamic fit. The compressing stretchy fabric also increases circulation and improves recovery time on the bicycle. The breathable Micro fiber is placed at the front of the bib-tights. The fiber circulates air so you don’t overheat where the sun hits the strongest. The Action Micro fabric in the saddle contact area is durable and helps to extend the longevity of the cycling bib-tights. The Progetto X2 Air seat pad is probably the most important quality in this short that gives it the highest ranking in comfort. The Castelli Aero Race Bibshort was tested for a year by the Garmin-Cervelo team. As a result, a perforated foam layer was added to the pad to increase ventilation. Air flows directly onto the surface fabric so the area of the pad keeps cooler and fresher. The GIRO3 single-layer leg grip has a grip material knit into the short that provides the right compression without pinching the skin. Comfort, designed in every part of the cycling bib-short, continues with seamless inner-legs. The fewer seams means less friction and less wear on the fabric. These Castelli cycling bib-shorts have a longer life. The bibs are wide over the chest so there isn’t that extra layer to overheat or restrict breathing. The Progetto X2 Air Seat pad has three layers. The soft skin layer has a seamless 4-way stretch with a bacteria resistant layer. The combination of these qualities adapts to the shape of your body as you move. The seamless Integrated Technology Cushioning Layer has multi-level padding in areas needed the most so you have comfort without excessive bulk. Viscous Comfort Inserts are added under the ischial bones and the perineum for optimum protection in these highly sensitive areas. The un-paralleled softness and layered padding in the Progetto seat pad maintain comfort for those very long rides. Suggested for temperature ranges of 17-35 °C / 63-95 °F.
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Famous Free bib keeps your chest free to prevent overheating

No inner-leg seam
Color-matched GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper
2 rear reflective inserts

PROGETTO X2 AIR seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved airflow