Castelli Aero Race Shoecover MR

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SKU: S14038
The design of the Castelli Aero Race Shoecover MR started four years ago at the London Tour de France prologue. These Castelli cycling shoe covers are ideal for road racing, time trials or even just adding a little extra aerodynamics at the local training ride. The very snug fit allows wind to smoothly move over your cycling shoe. The snug fit was designed using very advanced mechanics. Using the CFD computer modeling technique, these cycling shoes have been designed so the wind can flow over the surface. Castelli engineers have used some of the most avante garde designs to create possibly the most aerodynamic pair of shoecovers on the market. Lycra®, possibly the most aerodynamic material for cyclists, has been placed on the front where the wind hits the shoecover first. Details such as aero mesh, which aids to smooth air separation, have been added. The silione leg gripper and the Camlock zipper keep the cycling shoecover in place.

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Created using CFD computer modeling
Smooth Lycra® front
Textured aero mesh aids smooth air separation
Silicone leg gripper
Camlock zipper