Louis Garneau Lemmon Vent Jersey

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Perfect for climbing mountains in warm weather, the Louis Garneau Lemmon Vent Jersey keeps the cyclist from overheating. Garneau’s Airfit fabric, combined with properly placed mesh panels, ventilates and then evaporates sweat away from the skin. Air circulates through the woven cells on the inner side of the fabric. This results in cooling air that flows through the exceptionally light fabric and helps to pull out not only moisture, but also body heat. In the Lemmon Vent Cycling Jersey, you are cooled ‘from the inside out.’ Another feature that helps you to keep cool is the full length zip which is easy to open as far as you need for maximum ventilation. UPF50 sun block enhances the protection this Louis Garneau Lemmon Vent cycling jersey offers to cyclists who want to stay comfortable while riding their bikes throughout the summer months. Besides keeping you cool, the ProFit construction streamlines the cycling jersey over the male cyclist as he is in the riding position. The material has been mini-stitched so it is exceptionally stretchable while allowing the cyclist to maintain freedom of movement. The aerodynamic qualities of the Vent jersey not only give you an advantage if you are racing against other cyclists, they also increase comfort as you easily move your upper body while pedaling the bike. The comfort stays with you whether you are going all out climbing a mountain or just on an enjoyable endurance weekend ride. The Lemmon Vent cycling jersey helps to make those summer bike rides enjoyable. Fit is enhanced by the signature silicone gripper at hem. Visibility is increased by the front, back and sleeve reflective accents. The multi-media pocket is a place you can store your Ipod and channel the headphone wires underneath the cycling jersey to then enjoy listening to your favorite music. Three angled back pockets are easy to access, and there’s a separate Enviro Pocket to store empty gel pouches. According to Louis Garneau this is a feature that’s exclusive to their cycling clothing and part of their environmental awareness program.
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* Full length zip:  Allows maximum ventilation
* 3 angled back pockets:  Allow easy access
* Multimedia pocket:  Allows for headphone wires to be channeled inside the garment
* Enviro pocket:  Allows to separately store empty gel pouches to eliminate littering
* Mini-stitching:  Improves stretchability without restricting movement
* Signature silicone gripper at hem:  Maintains fit
* Front, back and sleeve reflective accents:  Enhance visibility
* Profit Men

* UPF/SPF 50